How can Code to Text ratio help SEO?

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If we simply put this, “Code” is referred to all HTML, CSS, Image size, Javascripts, Plugins, external scripts and other backend related stuff that we
hardly care about and “Text” is the content of the page which we normally read on a webpage. It is in short, the percentage of actual text on a webpage.

In an ideal situation this code to text ratio should be anywhere between 20 and 60 percent. This percentage refers to the visible text on your webpage. It
does not include text under alt tag, title tag or under any other HTML elements you have used on that webpage. There is however, no factual information on
what percentage will help you get better results. But I prefer to keep it above 10.

How it affects SEO?

The text to HTML ratio is not a direct factor which influence search engine rankings. However, it is a common practice which helps your site in many other

  1. Since you webpage has less HTML and more content it will be more concentrated on the user. Search engines always like webpages which are easy for user
    to understand and access.
  2. With less code on your webpage, your site will load faster. Site load time is one of the ranking factors in SEO.
  3. In order to increase the text ratio, you some time need to clean HTML and get rid of unwanted code. This will increase your page indexing and it will be
    easier for crawler to index your site faster.

These factors are directly related to organic rankings. So, by just increasing your text to code ratio you can get some competitive edge over your

Common Practices to Increase Text to Code ratio

  1. Start with removing unnecessary codes
  2. Remove blank and whitespaces from your webpages
  3. Avoid using too many tabs. Instead you can create pagination
  4. Remove unwanted commenting in your code
  5. Use CSS for styling and formatting instead of Javascript
  6. Resizing your images will increase your site performance and reduce your load time
  7. Try to bring down your page size under 300kB
  8. Avoid using tables in your content
  9. Include quality information under text format on top of the page
  10. Create good in-linking structure which will reduce your bounce rate

How can I check Code to text ratio?

There are several tools online which will quickly help you analyze your HTML code and determine code to text ratio:

1. SEOChat – Tool –

2. Site24x7 – Tool –

3. SEOSiteCheckup – Tool –

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